Saying no to drugs and alcohol is not always easy

How do you start to change your habits toward drugs and alcohol?

If you are worried that you are developing a dependence toward drugs and or alcohol then it is time to make a change. Some people are more predisposed to forming addictions to substances and without dedication, perseverance, and reflection it is easy to form unhealthy relationships with substances.

In order to stop negative habits from turning into dependence or addiction, it is best to address the issue early on. Speaking to a loved one about your worries can help by getting it in the open and making them aware of the issue. It is also often good to seek help from a professional as soon as possible as therapists and mental health experts can provide structured ways for changing bad habits.

What are some tips to help people start to change their habits?

  1. Stop engaging with people who exacerbate bad habits
  2. Change activities where substance use is involved/intended
  3. Take up new interests
  4. Speak to loved ones about concerns relating to substance abuse
  5. Set goals to wind down and eventually stop using drugs and alcohol
  6. Be aware of the risks of continued substance abuse

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